Mini retreat in Blue Mountains, Australia ブルーマウンテンズ(オーストラリア)でミニ・リトリート 

In February 17, 2012 we drove about 120km from Sidney to the west and reached to a beautiful National park called Blue Mountains. Regional sangha leader, Masako Ogawa kindly invited and let me stay in her house sorrounded by mother-nature. We had been planning to organize half a day retreat in the prayer room of Masako's house with a small group of people living in her neighborhood.
Blue Mountains 2Blue Mountains 4

We are blessed with a excellent weather next day. Nine people came to attend the mini retreat and explore their mind to find their true love to their parents. Many participants shed tears when they discovered how much they were loved by their parents and how little they have understood about the difficulties and sufferings of their parents when they were raising kids.
Blue Mountains 10Blue Mountains 11
When the retreat was over, one of the local member, James made up his mind to devote himself to the Three Treasures. He said, "For a long time I had a difficulty with my dad, who was alcoholic and abused badly my mom. I hated him so much that I could hardly forgive him. But during my contemplation on him, for the first time in my life I understood his difficult situation and the pains he had to recieve. I thank God he is still alive. Now I will visit my dad living alone in a distant city to convey my care and affection to him."
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Look at the shining faces of the participants and bless their strong resolutions to live a life of giving for the rest of their lives. Congratulations, James! Congratulation to all the members of Sidney sangha! We are all children of God. In whatever corner of earth we live we are the one. Let's strive to walk together.
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