Celebrating the Inauguration of Uganda Branch Temple         ウガンダ支部精舎落慶式 

August 7, 2011 was the most memorable day for all the HS members in Uganda, as it was the Grand Opening day of the first Happy Science Temple ever built in Africa. Sky was clear without a cloud. Two flags were run up in the front yard of Temple: One is the national flag of Uganda and the other is that of Happy Science!
Uganada Branch Temple 1
    Uganada Branch Temple 4 Uganada Branch Temple 3
People started to get assembled to the temple very early in the morning and by 12:00 when the inauguration ceremony got started the temple was literally full with some 800 people from all over Uganda.
Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 21Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 22Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 23Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 24
The inauguration was solemnly initiated by Rev. Tomohiko Nakagawa who dedicated words of gratitude to the Lord El Cantare for His limitless love and compassion. 落慶式典は中川智彦支部長の導師でしめやかに執り行われ、主エル・カンターレの限りない愛とご慈悲への感謝が捧げられました。
Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 1
Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 2Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 3
Ringing of the tiny bell sounded in the silent prayer hall packed with people when Rev. Tomo waved the stick of Kerykeion to bless the audience with light of El Cantare. 中川支部長がケリューケイオンの杖を振ると小さな鈴の音が、主エル・カンターレの祝福の光とともに静まり返った礼拝室に響き渡りました。
Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 4
Words to celebrate this historical event were given by three guest speakers, namely Rev. Kazuhiro Ichikawa, the Executive director of Happy Science International Headquater, Rev. Yasuhiro Noguchi, the Head of African Regional Headquater, and Mr. Andrew, the Director of UBS broadcasting station of Uganda. 5 Native Staff from other African nations also gave some words of celebration to the audience.
Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 6Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 7
Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 12Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 9
On this very memorable day 64 people joined Happy Science as new members. All the participants were filled with joy and gratitude and felt that the future of Uganda would be very bright with the further development of Happy Science sangha in all over Africa.
Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 16Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 17Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 14Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 15Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 13Uganda Branch Temple Grand Opening 26


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