The Grand Opening Ceremony of Happy Science Malaysia Branch Temple  マレーシア支部精舎落慶式典 

Some 200 people who dressed up nicely with their national costumes attended to celebrate this historical inauguration of Happy Science Malaysia Branch temple in September 4, 2011. Two flags were flown from the roof-top of the brand-new building; one is the Malaysian national flag and the other is that of Happy Science. Everybody's face was filled with joy and Happiness as they were all proud of the grand opening of this first temple of Happy Science ever built in South East Asia.2011年9月4日、民族衣装で着飾った200名有余の人々がマレーシア支部精舎落慶の歴史的瞬間を祝う式典には列席されました。どの人の顔もみんな、喜びと幸福感で輝いています。誰もが東南アジア初の幸福の科学施設の開設に大きな誇りを感じているからです。
Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 1
The ceremony was initiated solemnly by our branch minister, Ms. Hong Lee Yeap who dedicated the words of gratitude to the Lord El Cantare for His limitless love and marcy to all the people in Malaysia.
Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 2Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 3
People were impressed by the documentary video which introduced the history of Malaysia sangha activities since the year 2000. Everyone was convinced that the completion of Malaysia branch temple was truly the result of long-lasting efforts and enthusiasm of core members to build a Utopia society in their country. 出席された人々は、マレーシア・サンガの歴史を綴ったビデオ上映に深い感銘を受け、本支部精舎の完成がまさに、中核信者の皆さんのユートピア建設への、長年の努力と情熱の賜であることを確信されていました。
Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 8
Three speakers were then invited to deliver the words of celebration, namely Mr. Kazuhiro Ichikawa, the Executive Officer of Happy Science International Headquarter, Mr. Hiroshi Yaita, the Director of Asian Regional Headquarter, and Ms. Hong Ling Yeap, the representative of Happy Science Malaysia Lay Sangha.この後、市川和博国際局長、矢板浩アジア本部長、そしてマレーシア在家サンガの代表としてホン・リン・ヤップさんが祝辞を述べられました。
Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 4Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 5Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 6Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 7
Bouquet flowers were given to the building constructor and the site supervisor to show appreciation to them. The ceremony was concluded by singing a holy song, "Beautiful Land of Light" in Japanese together with all the participants.建設業者と現場監督に感謝の花束が贈呈されたのち、参加者全員で「うるわしき光の国」を合唱して式典を終了しました。
Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 9  Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 10  Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 11
After the open-public seminars successively conducted by myself, some 80 people joined to Happy Science as new members and celebrate this beautiful grand opening day together with the other members. 式典後、引き続き開催された伝道セミナー終了後、新たに80数名の方々が幸福の科学に入会され、信者の皆さまと共にこの素晴らしい落慶の日を祝って下さいました。
Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 12
   Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 13   Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 14
The newly opened Malaysia branch temple has already become a land-mark of the neighborhood and many people started to drop in the temple to find out, "What is Happy Science" and joined as new members. As it attracted so many people, somebody said, "In the night time the temple building looks like a sutra book of "The Dharma of the Right Mind," while in the day time it looks like a prayer book of Happy Science. Well, do you agree with him? 精舎落慶以来、マレーシア支部精舎はすでに地域のランドマークとなり、多くの人々が精舎に立ち寄って、「幸福の科学って何?」と尋ね、入会されています。建物が多くの人を引き付けるので、誰かが言っていました。「支部精舎は夜見ると、『仏説・正真法語』、昼間見ると『祈願文』みたい!」さあ、皆さんにはどうみえますか?
   Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 15   Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 17
Malaysia Branch Grand Opening 18


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