The First Open-public Seminar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia モンゴル・ウランバートルにおける初・伝道セミナー 

The small theater room of Ulaanbaatar National Concert Hall was packed with 250 strong audience, some of who came all the way from country side in Mongolia taking five hours of train-ride after watching TV talk show featuring Happy Science first open-public seminar in November 6, 2011. The audience was ranged from 5 years-old kids senior citizens of 80s, but they all expected some very new idea which could revolutionize their view of life, success and Happiness. 2011年11月6日、ウランバートル国立コンサートホール小劇場は250名強の観客で満席となりました。中には前日の朝、テレビで放映された幸福の科学紹介番組をみて、5時間も汽車に乗って地方都市から参加してくださった方もおられました。参加者年齢は5歳の子供から80歳のお年寄りまで様々でしたが、みな、自分の人生観、成功観、幸福観を一変させてくれる新しい何かに期待を膨らませて集まってこられたのです。
Fortunately we were given an opportunity to be on a TV talk show in National broadcasting station TV9 on Saturday morning. Ms. Ichiko Sopp, lay leader of Mongolia and myself enjoyed a good conversation with the host of the show, Mr. Nyamka Namsrai introducing Master Ryuho Okawa and his book, "The Laws of the Sun" as well as the main teachings of Happy science to the listeners of the show for 15 min. 幸運なことに、私たちはセミナー前日にモンゴルのテレビ局TV9の朝のトークショーに出演することができました。在家リーダーのイチコさんと一緒にテレビに出て、ホストのニャムカさんの司会で大川隆法総裁先生と書籍『太陽の法』、それに幸福の科学の教えについて15分間紹介することができました。
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The title of the seminar was "Secret Keys for Success and Happiness in Life," in which I talked about the spiritual view of life, the importance of having dreams in life and "I'm Fine Spirit." Although it was a little hard to guess the reaction of Mongolian audience because they seldom express their emotions on face, they stayed with me so patiently all through 2 hours long sessions. 『幸福な人生と成功の鍵』と題したセミナーでは、「霊的人生観」、「夢を持つことの大切さ」そして、「アイム・ファイン・スピリット」についてお話ししました。モンゴル人はあまり感情を表情で表さないので、聴衆の反応はよくわかりませんでしたが、逐次通訳を介して2時間以上に及んだセミナーを皆さん、辛抱強く聞いてくださいました。
Then what would you expect for the outcome of the seminar? Well, we are very proud to inform you that we could create 90 new Mongolian members including 5 devotees in that session. People rushed to the registration corner and made a long cue to receive their prayer books. 皆さん、それでセミナーの結果はどうだったと思います?謹んで、ご報告いたします。この日、5名の三帰誓願者を含み、90名のモンゴル人新入会員が誕生しました。セミナーが終わると沢山の方々が入会受付コーナーの押し寄せ、長い列を作って、入会版『正心法語』を受け取られました。
Let me introduce you some comments from the audience written in the survey sheets they fed back to us. それでは、セミナーアンケートに記入されていた感想文のいくつかをご紹介しましょう。
'First of all, I am a proud Mongolian and proud to be born in the wonderful country of Mongolia. I am so thankful this wonderful teaching of Happy Science for letting me to understand the Principle of Right Mind, Love, Soul's evolution, Positive Mind and Mystery of Reincarnation. I felt that it was more than just religion and left with the feeling to use the teachings in my life as much as I can'(Male, Architect, Ag 48).
'I am very impressed with the lecture and thank you so much for explaining the secret meaning of to be born as human. In such a simple way you explained child and parent relationship helped me to understand and appreciate more for our parents. I realize that my achievements in my life as where I am today was due to the right mind and the help of guardian spirit. I want to be HS member and want to learn more wishing to find answers to the questions that I have. Thank you so much'(Male, Scientist, Age 55).
'I understood well about the guardian spirit and spirit. Thank you so much. The favorite part was to know: Difficulties and hardships are not punishment but it is for experience'(Female, Economist, Age 20).
'Thank you so much. I am just an ordinary nurse. My mother passed away when I was young. My father worked hard to bring up us. He always taught us to help others and love others. My upbringing has a strong influence on me. My dream is learn Japanese language and study in Japan in my profession. Then, to open a place for elderly in Mongolia to nurse them as there is hardly any place for elderlies to gather here. I have a faith that happiness will come to me. I want to thank you and your team again and again' (Female, Nurse, Age 45)
Finally I would like to thank all the people who helped us realize this first seminar in Mongolia for their hard work and dedication. Especially I wish to appreciate to the folks who came to help us from inner Mongolia for their faith to the lord El Cantare.
Folks, I bet the sun of Truth will shine high from now on in the land of Mongolia! Thank you very much for all of your spiritual support!


幸福の科学 今井二朗 Happy Science Jiro Imai

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