Open Public Seminar in Singapore  シンガポール一般公開セミナー 

It's a bit old story though, I wish to make a report on the seminar I had in July 28 in a famous venue called Suntec City Convention Center in Singapore. The title was "Lead a Positive and Happier Life: Three Steps to Become Positive in your Life," It attracted some 500 people despite the weekday evening session. To be honest I rather hesitate to call it a big success, since some people left the room before the session was over. Someone encouraged me saying, "Well people were too hungry as it started 7:30 pm. Nevertheless, we could gain some 150 new member in that evening including three devotees to the Three Treasures.ちょっと旧聞になって、恐縮ですが、7月28日(木)にシンガポールのサンテック・シティ国際会議場で開催した。大規模伝道セミナーの様子を報告します。正直言って、このセミナーは大成功じゃなくて、中成功ぐらいだったかな。なぜって、途中で帰っちゃった人がかなりいたんでね。「夜に7時半から始まったセミナーだったんで、みんなお腹すいちゃったんだよ!」って慰めてくれた人もいたんですけどね…。でも、まあ、3人の三帰者を含めて150ぐらいの人がこの晩、新たな会員になってくれました。
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The reaction of the remaining audience was very good. After the seminar they rashed to the book sells corner to purchase Master Okawa's book and we saw many people filling out the application form to join Happy Science.
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I received a couple of interview from Singapore Media after the session. The one of them was internet Television station Razor TV sponsored by Singaporean major news paper "Straight Times" and the other was "Singapore Women's Weekly."
講演終了後にシンガポールマスメディア2社から取材を受けました。一社はシンガポールの主力新聞”Straight Times"が親会社のインターネット配信テレビ"Razor TV"。もう一社は地元女性誌の"Singapore Women's Weekly"でした。
Suntec City seminar 4Suntec City seminar 6
Razor TV created very nice video clips out of my speech and interview and have already broadcasted on their channel. Those of you who are interested in viewing the clips may wish to visit their web site.
Razor TVは既に、私の講演とインタビューを素材にしたビデオ映像を2本作成し、インターネットテレビで配信しました。とてもよくできていると思うので、興味のある人は彼らのウェブサイトを覗いてみて下さい。
"3 steps to being happy" (
"Not a bad thing to get scolded by your boss"(
All Happy Science Singapore sangha members were very glad to see the Ravor TV video clips because the way they introduced Happy Science in these clips were so favorable to us!シンガポールサンガの皆さんは全員、このテレビ放映に大喜びしています。というのも、番組での幸福の科学の取りあげ方が非常に当会に好意的であったからです。
Please celebrate together the great achievement that Singapore sangha have made this time! I wish to delicate my deep gratitude to the Lord El Cantare and to all the friends in Singapore who supported the seminar. どうか皆さんで、今回のシンガポールサンガの皆さんの素晴らしい成果を祝福してあげて下さい。私からも主エル・カンターレへの深い感謝をささげるとともに、セミナーを支えて下さったシンガポールの友人たちに心からのお礼を申し上げます。
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幸福の科学 今井二朗 Happy Science Jiro Imai

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