The Clean-up All Stars in Uganada Branch Temple 

clean-up all stars 1
Hello everyone! May I introduce to you our fellow Ugandan Branch Temple staff member group called, "The Clean-up All Stars." They are now busy cleaning everywhere in this newly constructed temple to prepare for the Grand Opening Ceremony scheduled in August 7.
clean-up all stars 2clean-up all stars 3clean-up all stars 4clean-up all stars 6
clean-up all stars 5clean-up all stars 7
clean-up all stars 8clean-up all stars 9
Do you know the ”Cleaning Disciple” is one of the most important spiritual discipline for everyone of us? What we polish during the cleaning is not the floor itself but in fact our soul.
Uganada Branch Temple 1
Their faith and the heart of gratitude to Lord El Cantare will create a magnificent spiritual sanctuary in this East African country, Uganda.

幸福の科学 今井二朗 Happy Science Jiro Imai

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